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Project Aftermath PC Game

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Project Aftermath PC Game

Post by skywriter76 on Sat Oct 08, 2011 12:41 am

Project Aftermath PC Game

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Project Aftermath | Genre: Sci Fi Real Time Strategy | {175MB}

Project Aftermath is surprisingly competent. It’s even fun. It’s a fast, arcade action RTS which initially seems shallow, but has just enough depth to keep you going. The game is all about earning GOOP by killing enemy units and completing objectives. There are also canisters of GOOP hidden around the level, and it’s the only reserve in the game. You use it when casting area effect spells on your enemies, and when resurrecting heroes; powers you should use sparingly (if at all) if you want to get the better medals.

The emphasis isn’t on winning or losing – passing the mission isn’t so hard. But passing with style is what it’s all about. And passing with your GOOP level in the gold area isn’t easy. You can power-up your units at the start of a level, but that reduces your starting amount of GOOP. Meanwhile, you’ve got to balance armour and weaponry – it’s not a complicated system nor is it tactically challenging, but it keeps you on your toes – which is something that Project Aftermath does constantly, with a charming enough comic book style presentation.


• Experience 10 missions of thrilling, fast paced action on a mysterious alien world.
• Command up to 4 Heroes and see them become more powerful as they gain experience.
• Classless Heroes mean that you can equip your squad your way, using over 100 different items in 1000s of combinations.
• You decide how tough a mission is. Over or under equip your Heroes to blast your way through or to challenge the online high score tables.
• Collect Honours for exceptional skill in battle.

Password:- raja

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