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Atomic Bomberman For All Windows

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Atomic Bomberman For All Windows

Post by skywriter76 on Tue Oct 11, 2011 8:37 pm

Windows 95/98/NT/Millenium/2000/XP/Vista/Seven
Video : Come on all Windows 95 PC that supports up
Size : 33.31 MB

Classic game for your PC that you should not miss this one can play up to 8 players, has an excellent chart, ask the sitema minimal resources.
Like their predecessors on consoles, this Bomberman is pretty simple, you have to go drop a few small bombs that explode after a few seconds. Using these bombs must destroy all your opponents to the next level.
At first the pump is a little fart of old, but bringing together the power ups you will find at rebentar blocks, the explosion will be bigger, you can leave more than one bomb at a time, you can run faster, kick pumps. Atomic Bomberman also has a multiplayer mode to play with others.
If you have played heavily on the console versions, do not lose anything by trying this game on PC, and if you've never played a Bomberman, not to expect!.

My opinion about Atomic Bomberman

Bomberman is a simple game, but of those that are highly addictive and then you can not stop playing. The beauty of this game lies in its graphic quality, or sound, but the simplicity of it, like Tetris.

You can play against another person using the same computational, and thus be able reventarce a bit with the other.

You can play easily because not occupy much space on your hard disk and so you can always batirtea duel in a little game to pass the time ...

In short: very funny, fun and addictive. And in spite of how simple it is, has an interesting argument.
Note: Only on the web!, Installer created by me, also has shortcuts in the start menu and desktop for XP, Vista and Seven. Chau color errors in Vista and Seven. I hope you enjoy and appreciate the time spent so that all can play no matter what version of Windows you use. Instalenlo default folder that appears when you start the installation. Doubts me crazy!

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