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Spin Doctors – A Pocket Full of Kryptonite 1991 (320kbps)

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Spin Doctors – A Pocket Full of Kryptonite 1991 (320kbps)

Post by skywriter76 on Mon Jul 18, 2011 3:36 pm

Spin Doctors – A Pocket Full of Kryptonite 1991 (320kbps)

After nearly a year of solid touring, the Spin Doctors scored a huge, unexpected success with the incessantly catchy “Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong.” The rest of Pocket Full of Kryptonite will please fans of that song; the album is full of the loose, leisurely three-chord pop/rock jams the Spin Doctors specialize in. It may be unfair to compare them to the Grateful Dead, but the Doctors often suggest a lighter, more pop-oriented version of that band. While all of the best tracks were issued as singles (“Jimmy Olsen’s Blues,” “Two Princes,” and “Little Miss”), there are still enough good moments on the rest of the album to please anyone who loves the hits. AMG.
1. "Jimmy Olsen's Blues" – 4:38
2. "What Time Is It?" – 4:50
3. "Little Miss Can't Be Wrong" – 3:54
4. "Forty or Fifty" – 4:23
5. "Refrigerator Car" – 4:46
6. "More Than She Knows" – 2:12
7. "Two Princes" – 4:18
8. "Off My Line" – 3:58
9. "How Could You Want Him (When You Know You Could Have Me?)" – 4:59
10. "Shinbone Alley/Hard to Exist" – 12:42


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